StubHub Design System

At StubHub, I hired and led the UX Design Standards team. My team was responsible for ensuring digital governance by defining, developing and implementing new design methodologies across the organization. As part of this effort, I facilitated user experience workshops, established design processes, implemented collaboration tools and evangelized the power of design thinking.

The output of these workshop exercises led us to create Primer, a modular design system of reusable components rooted in the Atomic Design methodology. Primer was implemented through a custom responsive modular CSS front-end framework based on the SMACSS development methodology to ensure scalability.

Primer enabled rapid design iterations and simplified deployments, facilitating multiple product redesigns since it’s been implemented.

Lead Designer / Project Manager
Design Systems / eCommerce

We facilitated collaborative workshops to define the design direction.

To define the design direction we facilitated collaborative workshops.

Stakeholders from all segments of the organization were included in the exercise.

By synthesizing the data collaboratively we created a strong sense of ownership of the project across the organization.

The output of the workshops was a concise definition of the attributes of the experience and a guiding light when making collaborative design decisions.

A modular site architecture simplified the implementation of a responsive system and ensured consistency across the board.

The design system included detailed component specifications, and provided solutions for common design problems.